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We supply strategic raw materials to the world’s major healthcare firms. Why? Because they trust us to deliver the most consistent products... to the right place… at the right time. Because we help them solve their supply chain, formulation, and processing challenges. And because, in this rapidly changing industry we find ways to help customers reduce cost and improve speed to market. 

We Formulate Solutions. Together, your active ingredients and our know-how create products that deliver enhanced patient benefit, improved consumer appeal and greater profitability. 

DuPont Nutrition & Health offers proven solutions that can overcome formulation challenges and increase your speed to market.

Pharma Products

We harvest naturally occuring biopolymers as well as utilize rigorous manufacturing processes to deliver well-charcterized and highly functional excipients.

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Pharma Applications

We offer a broad portfolio of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) enabling materials for a range of pharmaceutical applications.

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Avicel® for Solid Dosage Forms, Avicel for Suspensions, Aquacoat® and Ac-Di-Sol®.

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QUALITY by DESIGN initiatives rely upon a better understanding of material science and critical to quality attributes of pharmaceutical ingredients.
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Innovative Soft Capsules

Utilizing a process based on Alginate Capsule Technology. This technology provides a unique vegetarian alternative to gelatin soft capsules.

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Capsule Technology

SeaGel Capsule Technology enables licensees to in house manufacture carageenan based soft capsules, using existing equipment.

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