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How should Ac-Di-Sol be added to a formulation?
Answer: In direct compression, Ac-Di-Sol can be added with the other ingredients. In wet granulation, we recommend that half of the total Ac-Di-Sol used be added intra-granularly. The other half should be added extra granularly. 

What is the recommended use level of Ac-Di-Sol?
Answer: Ac-Di-Sol is typically used at levels between 0.5% and 2.0%. 

What is the mechanism of Ac-Di-Sol’s super-disintegrant action?
Answer: Ac-Di-Sol exhibits two modes of disintegration simultaneously, wicking and swelling. The fibrous nature of Ac-Di-Sol gives it outstanding water wicking (uptake) properties that pull moisture into the core of a tablet. Its cross linked chemical structure creates an insoluble, hydrophilic, and highly absorbent material that swells to many times its original volume.  

Does moisture effect the functionality of Ac-Di-Sol? 
Answer: No, unlike many of the other superdisintegrants, moisture does not effect the functionality of Ac-Di-Sol. This accounts for its ability to continue to function as a disintegrant following wet granulation. 

How does wet granulation affect the efficiency of Ac-Di-Sol as a tablet disintegrant?
Answer: While wet granulation decreases the functionality of Ac-Di-Sol, it is much more resistant to this process than the two other superdisintegrants, Crospovidone and Sodium starch glycolate. 

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