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QbD initiatives rely upon a better understanding of material science and critical to quality attributes of pharmaceutical ingredients. Innovation in this area yields improved excipient functionality, robust formulations, efficient scale-up, and faster and more flexible NDA registrations. 

Alternative dose form concepts

Gummies is an example of only one of many unique dosage forms which can be developed using our offering of carrageenans and alginates. Using these materials, a broad range of unique, extremely attractive dosage forms are possible, including carrageenan based gummy chews, caramels, and fruit chews.   

Alginate Foam
The alginate foam concept is a newly patented technology. Chemically, the material is a dry, flexible, hydrophilic, and porous matrix that allows high absorbency of liquids. By adjusting certain processing parameters, we can control rate of absorption as well as tensile properties of the material. Further, the foam can be formulated as an integral (e.g., long-lasting) or disintegrating matrix. The open cell structure makes it ideal for incorporation of pharmaceutical actives. Possible applications include: 

  • Buccal/sublingual delivery systems
  • Reconstitutable suspensions
  • Fast dissolving oral dosage forms
  • Wound dressings
  • Cosmetic masks
  • Biomedical applications

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