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Product Overview

We are the global market leader for well-characterized cellulosics, carrageenan and alginate products. 

Global sourcing and manufacturing strategies ensure reliable product availability and superlative batch-to-batch product consistency. Are you looking for excipient solutions to improve bioavailability, enhance sensory aspects, enable controlled release, or facilitate processing efficiencies?  

We harvest naturally occuring biopolymers and utilize rigorous manufacturing processes to deliver well-charcterized and highly functional excipients.

Product name Product information

AlubraTM PG-100

Soluble lubricant


Tablet Binders


Suspension Aids


Super Disintegrant


Controlled release coatings


Anti-reflux active ingredient, controlled release matrix formers, dental impression materials

Viscarin®, Gelcarin®, and SeaSpen®

Controlled release matrix formers, suspension aids

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