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Alubra PG-100

Lubricants are a vital part of the tableting manufacture process. Formulators have typically selected magnesium stearate to meet these needs as a familiar, well-establishedlubricant. Given today’s challenges in formulating tablets, it is important to ensure that the lubricant choice does not have a negative impact on disintegration and dissolution. 

Scientific evidence demonstrates that magnesium stearate can negatively impact disintegration and dissolution. Formulators need to consider these variables before selecting the appropriate lubricant for their formulation.

Product Benefits

Compared with the widely used lubricant magnesium stearate, Alubra offers: 

  • Enhanced dissolution
  • Compatibility with a range of APIs
  • Flexibility in blending
  • Improved compactability
  • Similar lubrication performance
  • Better tablet quality

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