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Aquacoat® ECD
Ethylcellulose Aqueous Dispersion, NF, JPE 

Aquacoat® ARC
Alcohol-resistant Ethylcellulose Aqueous Dispersion, NF, JPE

Aquacoat® CPD
Cellulose Acetate Phthalate Aqueous Dispersion 

Aquacoat® pseudo-latex technology enables aqueous presentation of water-insoluble polymers. These reliable aqueous functional coatings are designed for use in both pharmaceutical and nutritional solid dose applications. They provide desired modified release profiles with the added benefit of global regulatory acceptance.

Product Selection Table

Product Polymer Applications
Aquacoat® ECD Ethylcellulose Sustained release coating
Aquacoat® ARC Ethylcellulose / Compendial Polymer Alcohol resistant coating
Aquacoat® CPD

Cellulose Acetate Pthalate

Cultured skim milk-based

Enteric Coating

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