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SeaGel® Capsule Technology

This patented technology, developed using our unique knowledge of seaweed science, enables licensees to in house manufacture carageenan based soft capsules, using existing soft capsule equipment. SeaGel capsules have unique elegance and thermal stability properties. The technology is proven at commercial scale over a wide range of size, shapes and fills. SeaGel capsules have superior consumer appeal providing a highly elegant, easily ingestable, vegetarian, clear alternative to gelatin. 

Seagel capsules advantages 

  • Natural. Clear. Pure.
  • Shell based on seaweed extract - providing a natural vegetarian alternative to traditional capsules
  • Highly elegant, clear product
  • Improved consumer compliance via enhanced ease of swallowing of ‘softer’ dose form
  • Carageenan is a more thermal stable material then gelatin giving advantages in certain climatic conditions - less stickiness, no cross linking
  • Proven stability
  • Enhanced disintegration properties compared to other non-animal technologies

Seagel Capabilities

  • Pilot scale encapsulator and ancillary equipment
    • Technology demonstration
    • Support customer Development of new colour/fill formulations
    • Sample production for development work including stability testing and in vitro assessment
    • Strong technical support
  • Support of technology transfer into full scale commercial production
    • Dedicated team of scientists and engineers

Other Seagel Technology and Process Benefits

  • Proven commercial scale viability
  • Enables licensees to bring non-animal technology in house
  • Complete integration into existing soft gel infrastructure and equipment is possible
  • IP protected technology - US Patent Granted

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