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Product range

The DuPont™ Danisco® ingredient range is characterized by its flexibility, ironing out variations in production processes and raw material quality and contributing to the high-quality products that manufacturers require.

Solutions to the food industry and other industries

We offer solutions to the food industry, pet food and the dietary supplement industry.

Global understanding and strong local expertise

Based on our profound knowledge of ingredients, we offer a global understanding combined with strong local expertise in the development of the innovative and competitive solutions our customers need.

Using nature’s own materials, science and our knowledge

We use natural raw materials, such as plant oil and vegetables, in our products. And we support our wide range of products with technical services, to create innovative solutions found in popular consumer goods around the globe.

Our ingredients enhance the taste, texture and nutritional profile of processed foods, and often help extend the shelf life of the final consumer product.

Our product innovation makes it easier to choose health, safety and environmental responsibility.