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The DuPont™ Danisco® range comprises alginic acid, from which our alginate salts and blends are made, especially designed to meet application needs.

Key benefits

  • Natural
  • Versatile
  • Process flexible
Product Benefit Application
GRINDSTED® Alginate IC Provides unique texture and creaminess  Ice cream
GRINDSTED® Alginate FB Produces a smooth pumpable texture for easy handling even at low temperature
Provides form and bake stability
Creates uniform fillings with an appealing shiny appearance
Prevents syneresis
Bakery fillings
GRINDSTED® Alginate  BC  Easy to prepare cold soluble
Large span of texture (from smooth to firm) and of texture development (from rapid to slow)
Provides bake stability
Provides freeze/thaw stability
Baker’s custards
GRINDSTED® Alginate LFS   Stabilizes emulsion
Compensates fat and/or protein reduction
Provides excellent melting properties and flavor release
Low-fat spreads
GRINDSTED® Alginate FD   Gelling, thickening and film-forming Other food applications (cream, restructured fruits, pimento paste…)
GRINDSTED® Alginate PH Gelling, thickening and film-forming Pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical applications (wound healing, gastric reflux control, dental print)

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