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BioVia Antimicrobial blends

As consumer demand for food safety and microbial control continues to grow, food processors are under increasing pressure to provide new and effective solutions and still have a consumer friendly ingredient statement.

BioVia® CL 600 is the next step from DuPont in food safety and shelf life ingredients combining cutting-edge fermentation technology with the proven ability to harness synergies in food ingredients. It was specifically developed for use in meat and poultry products like deli-style and ready-to-eat meats. When used in conjunction with good manufacturing processes, BioVia® CL 600 can provide effective control of important human foodborne pathogens like Listeria monocytogenes and other organisms that cause food spoilage.

BioVia® CL 600 provides you robust antimicrobial control with cleaner labeling benefits, allowing for an improvement to your bottom line.

BioVia® CL 600 features and benefits

Features Benefits Solution
Multi-component blend Robust antimicrobial activity with multiple modes of action resulting in superior control BioVia® CL 600
Developed specifically for use in meat applications Compatible with fresh and cooked meat formulations and processes BioVia® CL 600
Clean-label, non-allergenic Meets consumer demands for preservative-free products BioVia® CL 600
Minimal flavor and color profile Allows for multiple applications BioVia® CL 600
Dry powder blend Easy and safe to use in high throughput processes BioVia® CL 600
Improved employee safety Limited personal protective equipment concerns BioVia® CL 600

BioVia® CL 600 robust and effective control

Whether developing an uncured deli-style turkey product or a cured whole muscle ham offering, BioVia® CL 600 can provide superior and robust microbial control when compared to chemical preservatives and other natural options. Developed with a team of microbiologists working hand-in-hand with meat scientists, BioVia® CL 600 provides effective and label friendly microbial control created with awareness of industry needs and future trends in food product development and formulation.

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