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Natamax Antimicrobial

Key benefits

  • Protect shelf life
  • Can be used in fermented foods
  • No off-flavors
  • Meet consumers’ demand for natural products
Product Benefit Application
Natamax® Anti-yeasts and molds Cheese, fresh dairy, processed meat and beverages
Natamax® B Anti-yeasts and molds Spraying on baked goods
Natamax® SF Anti-yeasts and molds Spraying, shredded and blocked cheese
Natamax® Salt Anti-yeasts and molds Shredded cheese, PVA cheese coating, dry sausages surface treatment
Natamax® G Anti-yeasts and molds Beverages incl. wines
Natamax® Gel Anti-yeasts and molds Cheese surface treatment, dry sausages surface treatment

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