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Natamax B Plus

Natamax B Plus is the most soluble natamycin available to protect your beverage or baked goods.

As a sprayable solution, Natamax B Plus is a patent-pending highly soluble natamycin complex that will highlight the naturalness of your product and keep its freshness and taste longer.

While standard natamycin has a low solubility, 98% of the natamycin in Natamax B Plus dissolves instantly in water, creating an easy to use solution.

Key benefits

  • Fermentation-based product for natural/cleaner label claims
  • Even distribution in liquid to provide you with more than three times higher protection throughout shelf life
  • No precipitation to optimize dosage and reduce maintenance costs
  • Tasteless to preserve the authentic flavor of baked goods and the freshness of beverage
  • Instant dissolution in water to reduce energy costs
  • Adapted packaging formats for ease of use

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