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GUARDIAN® Natural Extracts

Key benefits

  • Protects shelf life
  • Meets consumers’ demand for natural products
  • Promotes good health and brand image
Product Benefit Application
GUARDIAN® Rosemary Extract
Long-lasting product flavor, aroma and color
Oils and fats
Dressings and mayonnaise
Margarines and spreads
Potato flakes
Meat, poultry and seafood products
Bakery products
GUARDIAN® Green Tea Extract
Low flavor intensity
Promotes longer product freshness and good health
Ready-to-eat meals
Meat products
Margarines and spreads
Pet food
GUARDIAN® Tocopherol Highly effective antioxidant Oils and fats
Shortenings, margarines and spreads
Mayonnaise and dressings
Baked products
Snack food products
Potato granules/flakes
Cereal products
Pet food
GUARDIAN® TOCO 30P Highly effective antioxidant in powder form that improves productivity and reduces expense Cereals, Bars, Dry Mixes, Extruded Products
GUARDIAN® 81 Blend of acerola and green tea extracts Excellent antioxidant protection with low flavor impact. Promotes longer product freshness by protecting flavor and color. Meat products
Dressings, sauces and mayonnaise type products
GUARDIAN® Chelox L Blend of Chamomile and Rosemary extracts Label friendly capability of chelation to prevent oxidation Dressings, sauces and mayonnaise type products

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