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GUARDIAN® Natural Extracts

Key benefits

  • Protects shelf life
  • Meets consumers’ demand for natural products
  • Promotes good health and brand image
Product Benefit Application
GUARDIAN® Rosemary Extract
Long-lasting product flavor, aroma and color
Oils and fats
Dressings and mayonnaise
Margarines and spreads
Potato flakes
Meat, poultry and seafood products
Bakery products
GUARDIAN® Green Tea Extract
Low flavor intensity
Promotes longer product freshness and good health
Ready-to-eat meals
Meat products
Margarines and spreads
Pet food
GUARDIAN® Tocopherol Extract Highly effective antioxidant Oils and fats
Shortenings, margarines and spreads
Mayonnaise and dressings
Baked products
Snack food products
Potato granules/flakes
Cereal products
Pet food