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BetaPower® Natural Betaine

A purified form of anhydrous betaine, BetaPower® improves physical performance, especially strength, power and muscle endurance.

Key benefits

  • Natural
  • Scientifically proven
  • Protection against cell stress
  • Highly soluble and stable
Product Benefit Application

Improved performance

Promotes hydration

Enhanced flavor

Sports nutrition products

More on BetaPower®

BetaPower® Natural Betaine is a natural nutrient  that promotes  hydration and performance, especially related to physical activity.

A form of high purity anhydrous betaine, BetaPower® Natural Betaine is minimum 99% pure and derived from the molasses of sugar beets. Also known as trimethylglycine or TMG, betaine is found in many healthful foods, such as whole grains, spinach and beets. It may also be an important component of the beneficial Mediterranean diet.

More recently, betaine has been the subject of a range of studies indicating health and sports performance benefits. These human trials demonstrate a significant improvement in physical performance, especially in strength, power and endurance.

BetaPower® Natural Betaine is manufactured in Finland by Danisco, one of the largest  and most respected food ingredient suppliers in the world.  It is approved as a safe ingredient in a growing list of countries and guarantees high quality and purity.

It is important to note that the published athletic performance and safety studies have been conducted by using BetaPower® Natural Betaine. There are other synthetic and natural betaine products on the market, which may not have been subjected to these stringent tests. This may not always be clear from the product labelling. Danisco has also developed IP on the use of betaine for physical performance and in various foods.

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