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Research & Clinical Studies on BetaPower®

Research shows that BetaPower® Natural Betaine can significantly improve strength, endurance, and power in humans. 

A study conducted by the University of Connecticut measured the increase in the performance levels of athletes who had consumed just 2.5 grams of betaine per day over a two week period.

Results were positive across all the athletes tested. Unlike tests of other performance ingredients, all athletes responded.

Positive performance results

Product Functional benefit
BetaPower® Donates methyl groups (CH3) essential for several metabolic reactions needed for normal cell function
BetaPower® Is an effective osmolyte, protecting cells and cellular proteins against the effects of dehydration and other stressors

Additional studies

The  published College of New Jersey study also showed:

  • An increase of 30% in squat repetitions after 7-day betaine intake
  • An increase of  60% after 14-day betaine intake
  • A significant increase in the quality of repetitions performed (at repetitions performed at 90% of subjects maximal performance) after 7-day and 14-day betaine intake

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