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Carrageenan is one of the major components of edible red seaweed and, as a food ingredient, is known for its unique characteristics in making foods and beverages more nutritious and delicious. With a history dating hundreds of years, carrageenan is widely used, including in some of the most popular organic brands, infant and toddler formula, and a variety of dairy foods and beverages.  The cultivation of carrageenan-producing seaweeds is also sustainable, preserving the health and biodiversity of the ocean, while employing tens of thousands of family farmers around the world. As a global leader in carrageenan, DuPont Nutrition & Health can provide the right product and expertise for your needs.

Carrageenan is clinically shown to have health benefits in immune health, and recent research suggests that carrageenan may have powerful cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

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