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GRINDSTED® Carrageenan

DuPont Nutrition & Health has through intensive research decoded the molecular structure of even the most complex carrageenan types and has via this knowledge designed unique products tailored to provide the best possible performance and thus the highest value in the targeted applications.    

Key benefits

  • Value added
  • Robust stabilizer
  • Process flexibility
  • Unique performance in dairy systems
  • Broad solution provider 
Product Benefit Application
GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CL 110 Prevent whey separation
Retards ice crystal formation
Ice cream and frozen products
GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CL 220 Provides body and mouthfeel
Prevents sedimentation of cocoa particles during storage
Prevents fat separation
Milk-based beverages
GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CL 3xx H Demouldable creamy desserts
Shiny appearance
Good flavor-release
Ready-to-eat dairy desserts – hot-filled
GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CL 3xx C Spoonable creamy desserts
Shiny appearance 
Good flavor-release
Ready-to-eat dairy desserts – cold-filled
GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CL FLX Texture independent of filling temperature
Demouldable desserts a  possibility even with cold filling
Very shiny appearance
Ready-to-eat dairy desserts
– hot and cold-filled
GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CP From demouldable to very creamy textures
From luxury cook-up desserts to quickly prepared cold instant desserts
Powdered dairy desserts
 – cook-up and cold instant
GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CW Good flavor-release
Excellent syneresis control
Water jellies
GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CW 5xx FLX Broad  texture-range
Demouldable jellies even when cold filling
Multi-layer or inclusions possible with cold filling
Water jellies
- hot and cold-filled
GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CY Excellent dissolving and yield properties
Pleasant mouthfeel and flavor-release
Smooth and shiny
Fruit preps for yogurt
GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CS Cold flow stability in caramel systems
A big variety of textures in fruity jellies
Good flavor release
– fruit jellies – all kinds of textures
GRINDSTED® Carrageenan CH xxx FLX Improved processing properties
Improved firmness and sliceability
Prevents stickiness and brittleness
Provides a smooth texture with good form stability for spreadable products
Processed cheese
Block-cheese for slicing or grating
Spreadable processed cheese

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