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HOLDBAC® Protective Cultures

Key benefits

  • Have a natural ability to inhibit specific contamination flora, such as visible mold, yeasts and Listeria
  • Protect shelf life
  • Easy to use cultures for direct inoculation
  • Meet consumers’ demand for natural products
Product Benefit Application
Growth control of yeasts and molds and some heterofermentative lactic bacteria Fresh fermented foods
White cheese
HOLDBAC® LC Growth control of leuconostoc, heterofermentative lactobacilli and enterococci Hard and semi-hard cheese
HOLDBAC® Listeria Growth control of Listeria Soft and smear cheese, dry and semi-dry cured meats, cooked and fresh ground meats
HOLDBAC® YM-XPK Growth control of Yeast and Mold spoilage All cheese types
HOLDBAC® YM-XPM Growth control of Yeast and Mold spoilage Mild and very mild yogurt and fresh fermented dairy

Application areas