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Dietary Fibers

At DuPont Nutrition & Health, we are committed to meeting market demand for fiber ingredients that promote problem-free digestion and reduce the risk of lifestyle health problems.

Improving your health with fiber

Fiber is crucial to the human diet, yet studies show that our diets increasingly lack this critical component as we consume more processed foods. Indeed, average fiber consumption has fallen to around 15g/day – far short of the 25-30g recommended daily intake. 

Fiber is a complex family of components from many sources and with many different characteristics. Polydextrose adds to the variety of dietary fibers available for a balanced diet and facilitates the development of new fiber-rich foods with excellent sensory properties.

As a soluble fiber, polydextrose may be partially or completely fermented by the resident colonic microflora, offering additional digestive health benefits.

How our fibers can help you

Our soluble fiber ingredients provide an easy and tasty way to put fiber back into consumer diets. Though not intended as a replacement for whole grains, fruits and vegetables in the daily diet, our ingredients can boost the fiber content of almost all food applications.

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