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FIBRIM® Soy Fiber

FIBRIM® Soy Fiber is a nutritious and functional fiber source, derived from the soy cotyledon, or inner cell wall of the soybean. It contains both soluble and insoluble fibers (between 62-70% insoluble and 5-9% soluble).vMost other soy fibers are made from ground soy hulls and do not exhibit the same range of nutritional or functional qualities.

FIBRIM® Soy Fiber is valued as a source of fiber in a wide variety of applications, including nutritional beverages, nutrition bars, bakery products and extruded cereals and snacks. FIBRIM® Soy Fiber ingredients are specially designed to meet the functional requirements of their intended application. Food formulators value FIBRIM® Soy Fiber’s high fiber content (between 68-79 percent dietary fiber, dry basis), as well as its application-specific functionality and unique nutritional profile.

DuPont Nutrition & Health offers soy fiber in powdered form and as an extruded, soy nugget or “crisp”. The nugget format provides dietary fiber in a crispy, crunchy format. This offering provides up to 55 percent dietary fiber, and is ideal for nutrition bar, clustered snacks and breakfast cereals.

Nutritional Benefits of FIBRIM® Soy Fiber

While it is predominately insoluble fiber, FIBRIM® Soy Fiber is unique in exhibiting health benefits associated with both soluble and insoluble fibers. Scientific evidence suggests that soy fiber consumption plays a beneficial role in digestive health, especially laxation. Further, pre-clinical studies suggest that soy fiber produces higher proportions of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) compared to other dietary fibers which may benefit digestive health.

Scientific evidence suggest that soy fiber may play a role in supporting healthy blood glucose levels. Incorporation of soy fiber can lower the glycemic index of a food, when compared to the same food without soy fiber.

High fiber diets are associated with a reduced weight gain, lower BMI, delayed gastric emptying and increased satiety. High fiber foods typically have lower energy density. Studies have indicated that FIBRIM® Soy Fiber is associated with increased satiety, although more data is required.

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