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Research & Clinical Studies

Litesse® polydextrose

At DuPont we are committed to supporting our entire product range with sound scientific evidence.  Our products facilitate a broad range of health and nutrition claims, and our high level of scientific substantiation provides manufacturers with the confidence to build these claims into their product positioning.

Litesse® polydextrose is just one example of how DuPont Nutrition & Health supports its products through on-going scientific research, with peer reviewed publications spanning a period of over 30 years. Litesse® is manufactured from corn derived ingredients and was initially developed as a bulking agent for use in the replacement of sugar and fat.

Subsequently, Litesse® has grown significantly in value as a low calorie, specialty carbohydrate that is widely recognized as a soluble dietary fiber and prebiotic. Food and beverage products containing Litesse® can offer consumers multiple benefits in the areas of digestive health, weight management and oral health.

Not content to stand still, we continue to look for new opportunities to enhance health and nutrition with Litesse®, as we evaluate the beneficial physiological benefits that it has to offer.

Please use the link to access a comprehensive bibliography of the health and nutrition studies conducted with Litesse®.

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