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Lowering glycemic response - Litesse®

Low glycemic foods can play an active role in preventing the development of the disease, and can actually help in the management of established diabetes. They may also help consumers persevere with the necessary changes in their dietary regime to combat diabetes – by suppressing feelings of hunger for longer.

Furthermore, some studies suggest that a low glycemic diet can also lower blood lipids and may therefore help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

The Litesse® polydextrose family of ingredients elicit very low glycemic responses, ranging from just 4 to 7, compared to glucose at 100. They can be used to replace high glycemic carbohydrates – such as some sugars, starches and maltodextrins – in product formulations, thus reducing the overall glycemic load of the final product.

Litesse® is ideal for developing low glycemic foods and beverages as it has minimal impact on blood glucose levels and insulin demand, and can therefore be used to replace sugars and starches, lowering the glycemic load of the finished product, without negatively impacting taste, texture and consumer appeal.

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