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Prebiotic - Litesse®

It then selectively stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, helping to improve digestive health.

Technically, Litesse® is a highly branched polymer of glucose. Its unique arrangement of glycosidic linkages makes it resistant to hydrolysis by human digestive enzymes.

Because it is not metabolized by the body, Litesse® contributes an energy value of just one kilocalorie per gram (1 kcal/g). It is the preferred speciality carbohydrate for a variety of processed food applications including baked goods, confectionery, dairy products and beverages.

Research findings have also indicated that Litesse®:

  • Enhances saccharolytic (carbohydrate) fermentation, thus reducing colonic pH
  • Promotes the generation of short chain fatty acids including propionic and butyric acids which have specifically documented colonic health benefits
  • Enhances mineral absorption from the colon
  • May play a role in reducing colon cancer risk

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