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Satiety - Litesse®

Litesse® can help in reducing energy intake, by aiding in the manufacture of foods and beverages that are less calorically dense and which have a lower glycemic response.

It is widely believed that the worldwide obesity “epidemic” is being caused by an imbalance between energy intake (increasing, due to the consumption of more processed foods) and energy expenditure (decreasing, due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles and a lack of exercise).

Ultimately, energy intake is largely determined by satiety — the condition of being full or satisfied. The consumption of high fiber and low glycemic foods can help to moderate blood sugar levels, which also helps to suppress hunger and promote satiety.

In addition, human clinical studies have shown that Litesse® can enhance satiety, thereby reducing subsequent food intake, with total caloric reductions of between 5 - 25%.

Litesse® can therefore be used to formulate products capable of promoting satiety, imparting an increased feeling of fullness which allows consumers to avoid feelings of hunger for longer, and resulting in the consumption of fewer calories over the course of the day.

The satiating effect of Litesse® represents an opportunity for manufacturers to create new, reduced calorie, products or to reformulate existing products, to make them more satisfying and beneficial to calorie-conscious consumers, and those seeking to actively manage their weight.

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