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Sugar replacement - Litesse®

To satisfy this growing demand, food manufacturers are increasingly using Litesse® to develop sugar-free, reduced sugar, and no-sugar-added foods and beverages.

Because Litesse® is only partially metabolized by the body, it contributes only 25% of the calories of sugar (1 kcal/g compared to 4 kcal/g). As a premium bulking agent, Litesse® also improves the flavor, texture and mouthfeel of sugar-free and reduced sugar products.

As a further important benefit, Litesse® elicits a low glycemic response and is therefore suitable for use by diabetics and those on carbohydrate reduced diets.

Studies submitted to the FDA on diabetic subjects have confirmed that Litesse® has minimal effect on serum glucose and insulin levels. It helps control blood sugar levels, allowing consumers to feel satisfied for longer.

In addition, pH telemetry studies show that Litesse® does not promote tooth decay and it is ideal for use in sugar free foods and foods promoted as being safe for teeth, a benefit that was recently recognized by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

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