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Sugar replacement - Litesse®

To satisfy this growing demand, food manufacturers are increasingly turning to Litesse® to help them develop sugar-free, reduced sugar, and no-sugar-added foods and beverages.

The functional properties of Litesse® mean that it is able to maintain the desirable mouthfeel and smooth, textural qualities that can be lost when replacing sugars in food and beverage applications, therefore facilitating the development of sugar-free and reduced sugar products with a taste and texture profile equal or superior to the comparable, standard, sugar-containing product. 

Because Litesse® is only partially metabolized by the body, it contributes just 25% of the calories of sugar (1 kcal/g compared to 4 kcal/g), therefore allowing for calorie reductions to also be made at the same time as reducing or replacing sugar. 

Litesse® elicits a low glycemic response and is therefore suitable for use by diabetics and those on carbohydrate controlled diets. Studies submitted to the FDA on diabetic subjects have confirmed that Litesse® has minimal effect on serum glucose and insulin levels. By allowing consumers to control their blood sugar levels, Litesse® can help them to feel satisfied for longer and therefore consume fewer calories over the course of the day.  

In addition, pH telemetry studies have shown that Litesse® does not promote tooth decay and it is ideal for use in sugar free foods and foods promoted as being safe for teeth, a benefit that was recently recognized by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). 

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