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GRINDSTED® ACETEM acetic acid ester

GRINDSTED® ACETEM has film-forming and flexible properties and is available in liquid or plastic format.

Key benefits

  • Improved product quality
  • Film-forming capability
  • Certified sustainable palm-based options
  • Efficient plasticiser
Product Benefit Application
GRINDSTED® ACETEM Improved gum base softness
Increased bubble size in bubble gum 
Chewing gum 

Stable fat crystal morphology form ensuring aeration and foam stabilization  Topping powder
Edible coating for moisture retention  Whole poultry carcasses
  Efficient food grade plasticizer PVC, cling film

Application areas

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Did you know?

DuPont Nutrition & Health is the leader of the emulsifier market. All our emulsifiers are derived from natural raw materials, such as vegetable oils.