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Whipping the right amount of air into industrial cakes is fundamental to getting the right volume in the baked product. That’s why it is so important to choose the best emulsifier for the job.

Super-strength GRINDSTED® CAKE 100 is the instant emulsifier for making top-quality cakes at lower cost. GRINDSTED® CAKE 100 can be used in a wide range of products such as Sponge Cakes, Swiss Rolls, Cake Bars, Muffins and High Ratio Cake by Industrial Bakeries using the direct addition method.

GRINDSTED® CAKE 100 improves batter whipping properties for a high-volume cake. Compared to the market standard, the optimum volume can be achieved at a lower dose, making super-strength GRINDSTED® CAKE 100 an efficient cost-in-use alternative.

Key benefits

  • Improved whipping of cake batter
  • Increased, stable volume
  • Homogeneous, fine crumb structure

Application areas

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