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GRINDSTED® CITREM citric acid ester

A highly hydrophilic emulsifier, the range is commonly used in margarines, sausages and confectionery, and is available in various formats.

Key benefits

  • Non-GMO, allergen-free alternative to lecithin
  • Improved product quality
  • Non-hydrogenated options
  • Certified sustainable palm-based options
Application Benefit
Oils and fats Reduced spattering during frying
Sausages Reduced fat separation Improved creaminess and spreadability
Chocolate Effective flow control GMO- and allergen-free alternative to soy lecithin
Caramel GMO- and allergen-free alternative to soy lecithin
Fillings and spreads Simple fat reduction. Improved flow properties
Milk and whey powders Alternative to lecithin in the production of instant powders. Effective without oil addition

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