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GRINDSTED® STS/SMS sorbitan ester

GRINDSTED® STS/SMS are widely-used emulsifiers in bakery, confectionery, oils and fats – made with sorbitol and fatty acids from natural vegetable oils.

The degree of esterification determines whether sorbitan monostearate (SMS) or sorbitan tristearate (STS) is produced.

Key benefits

  • Efficient processing
  • Improved product quality
Product Benefit Application
Improved dry yeast performance Dry yeast
Improved aeration and stability Areated confectionery
GRINDSTED® SMS Foam stability
Potential to replace saponari roo
GRINDSTED® STS No re-crystallization in cooking oils
Reduced sandiness in margarine
Oils and fats
GRINDSTED® STS Anti-bloom agent Chocolate

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