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Bakeries can draw on PANODAN® to optimize their efficiency and quality when producing bread, biscuits, sweet dough, pastry and donuts. The range is based on vegetable oils from soya, palm and/or rapeseed oil.

For easy handling and trouble-free production, we offer DATEMs in several formats, including fine or coarse powder, pellets and liquid.

Key benefits

  • Efficient processing
  • Improved product quality
  • Fat reduction
  • Certified sustainable palm-based options
Product Benefit Application
Stronger dough for easier processing and improved bread quality   Bread 

Reduced hardness in fat-reduced biscuits
Improved dough machinability
Increased raw material tolerance
Improved final product quality   
Improved machinability and raw material tolerance
Improved emulsion stability
No feathering
Sweet dough, pastry and donuts Pet food
Coffee whitener 
Improved melting properties and texture Cheese
Improved heat and emulsion stability Soups, sauces and dressings
Reduced power consumption
Increased extrusion capacity
Reduced water consumption
Uniform expansion
Uniform starch gelatinization
Reduced fine particles during drying
Pet food

Application areas

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