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CENERGY™ Soy Fiber

Our CENERGY™ soy fiber line is a natural, plant-based source of fiber with an environmentally friendly footprint. It is a unique product derived from the cell wall material of the soybean, cotyledon, and composed of a matrix of insoluble fiber, soluble fiber and protein. This composition gives CENERGY™ unique properties that result in its ability to absorb water and control moisture migration, making it ideal for ground meat applications for the meat industry. 

CENERGY™ includes a number of functional soy ingredient blends used primarily for emulsified meat products and other food systems for the meat industry where high quality proteins are required. Varieties of this line can improve quality, consistency and yields of meat products. 

Key benefits

  • Increases water retention 
  • Improves cooking yield in ground meat applications for the meat industry
  • Reduced cooking times
  • Freeze thaw stability and ice crystal reduction
Product Benefit Application

Increased cooking yields
Reduced cooking times
Improved sliceability
Freeze thaw stability
Ice crystal reduction
Improved purge control
Fast hydration
Shape retention

Ground meat applications for the meat industry

Application areas

Hamburger meal