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POWERBake® - Bakery enzymes

Bakery enzyme with the capability to overcome the inhibitors naturally present in flour and deliver improved flour and bread performance.

Key benefits

  • Unrivalled dough strengthening
  • Consistent flour performance
  • Better texture and crumb structure
Product Benefit Application
POWERBake® 4000 range (lipase) Improves dough stability, increases volumes, improving dough handling All types of bread and buns/rolls
POWERBake® 900 and 7000 range (bacterial xylanase) Unrivalled dough strengthening All types of bread and buns/rolls
POWERBake® 9000 range (cellulase) reducing line breakdowns, improving dough proofing stability, Improve bread quality Wholewheat, rye and misch bread/buns

Application areas

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