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POWERSoft® - Cake enzymes

Your consumers expect you to deliver cakes of the highest quality. They take freshness for granted, and they expect a luxurious eating sensation. They expect you to deliver the magic of a fresh, tasty cake. And they expect you to help combat food waste at the same time.

POWERSoft® Cake enzymes can help you do just that.

Key benefits

  • Superior moistness
  • Delayed staling
  • Softening
  • Add extra body to the texture of the cake
  • Less crumbly cake
Product Benefit Application
POWERSoft® Cake 8010 For high fat cakes Muffins and pound cakes
POWERSoft® 7001
POWERSoft® 7002
For high fat cakes Cakes and sweet goods in countries awaiting approval of the POWERSoft® Cake 8000 series.

Application areas

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