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LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G: Max your beer flow

LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G is a robust and sustainable brewing enzyme designed to deliver a high, consistent throughput without compromising beer quality – and regardless of raw material quality.

Based on highly specific xylanases and β-glucanases, LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G significantly improves mash separation and beer filtration. The enzyme minimizes the risk of filter bed collapse due to high selectivity for water soluble arabinoxylans. LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G is very efficient in reducing high-molecular weight β-glucan in all types of wort, making mash separation and beer filtration much easier and faster due to the reduction in wort viscosity.

Better use of resources and lower CO2 footprint

Especially at high gravity brewing, LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G ensures consistency and maximization of cellar capacities.

Better filtration and less risk of filter cake collapse will also mean that cleaning operations need to take place much less frequently. This gives a much more consistent production flow leading to better economy for the brewery – and a lower CO2 footprint.

Your gains and benefits

Your business gains Your product benefits Our proven solution

Optimized mash separation and beer filtration

Consistent processing

Less dependency on raw material quality and availability

Longer beer filtration cycles

Higher extract yields

High and consistent throughput

Reduced risk of off-flavor

Reduced risk of filter bed collapse

Sustainable solution


Test results

LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G has undergone rigorous laboratory and pilot scale testing in order to demonstrate its effects.

These figures show results from pilot scale brewing trials on 30% barley in combination with malt applying LAMINEX® MaxFlow 4G and a market reference enzyme at high gravity brewing:


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