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CREMODAN® enhances your process robustness and product quality in terms of texture, appearance and shelf life. It will help you reach your nutrition targets, like low fat, low sugar, with no compromise on stability and texture.

Key benefits

  • Reduced number of individual ingredients
  • Easier processing
  • Improved performance and product quality
  • Supply chain excellence
  • Global production
Product Benefit Application
Cremodan® IcePro Consistent and high quality in products without going through a hardening tunnel
Perfect for products with high water activity and products with inferior quality of proteins
Frozen desserts
Cremodan® CREAMLINE Extra creaminess to existing formulations
Creamier taste in low-fat products
Ice cream
Cremodan® SoftServe Facilitates air incorporation
Smooth body and texture
Ice crystal growth retardation
Overrun stabilization
Milk shakes
Soft serve
Cremodan® Coldline Cold soluble
Consistent high quality
No heat treatment required
Smooth and creamy texture
Excellent flavor release,
Fresh eating properties
Low dosage – easy handling
Artisan frozen desserts
Cremodan® MixPro High shelf-life stability at ambient temperatures
Reduced separation during storage
High quality healthier ice cream
Reduced fat and sugar without
compromising taste and texture
Frozen desserts

Application areas

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