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Locust Bean Gum

Locust Bean Gum, also known as Carob Bean Gum, is a natural derivative from the seeds of the carob tree cultivated in the Mediterranean area. It is used for texturizing a wide range of food products. LBG is one of our most natural products based on carob beans from carob trees growing in the Mediterranean region.

Key benefits

Locust bean gum is the preferred texturizer for various food applications due to its natural image, the neutral taste and the very creamy texture it provides. More important than the viscosity is the positive influence of the ice crystal growth in ice cream, reduction of syneresis when used in combination with pectin or carrageenan in fruit and dairy applications. LBG has a positive impact on the protein stability and does not interact with other ingredients in your food due to its neutral behavior.

How our locust bean gum ingredients can help you

DuPont™ Danisco® locust bean gum ingredients come in various degrees of purity and granulation, cold and hot soluble. Whether they are used in ice cream, cream cheese, transparent jellies or infant formulas, we have the product of choice.

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