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GRINDSTED® MCT are commonly used in sports nutrition and dietary supplements where there is a need for an easily absorbed, rapidly available energy source.

The tight fatty acid specification and low heavy metal content make GRINDSTED® MCT ideal for formulations with highly specific nutritional parameters.

Key benefits

  • Neutral in smell and taste
  • Clear and colorless
  • Rapidly metabolized fatty acids
  • Low heavy metal content
Product Benefit Application
GRINDSTED® MCT Rapidly available, easily absorbed energy during sports or exercise regimes
More kilojoule-dense than carbohydrates
Ideal for building muscles while reducing fat
Sports nutrition
Well tolerated by infants and easily digested
Well tolerated and easily digested
Concentrated source of energy with rapid uptake and utilization
Opportunity to promote weight gain when food intake is low
Infant and grow-up nutrition
  Easier to digest than other fats for those with malabsorption problems
Dense energy source for people with low food intake.
More energy dense than carbohydrates or protein
Good for ketogenic diets
Clinical nutrition
Lower calorie content than other fats
Not stored as fat in the body
Weight management nutrition

Application areas

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