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Microcrystalline Cellulose

Let microcrystalline cellulose stabilise your food

Our cellulose gel or microcrystalline cellulose GRINDSTED® MCC adds stability to a wide range of foods.

Key benefits

Keeping sauces, desserts and soups stable can be a challenge. GRINDSTED® MCC ensures your food will have the right consistency and a uniform texture at a wide range of temperatures or pH levels. 

GRINDSTED® MCC can also replace fats and add opacity to foods such as icing and whipped toppings.

How our microcrystalline cellulose ingredients can help you

Our GRINDSTED® MCC comes in powdered form for tablets, dietary fiber or anti-caking aids or in colloidal form to replace fats or ensure emulsion, foam, heat and freeze/thaw stability.

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