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Natural Colors

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to innovate and develop highly stable natural color formulations designed to meet specific needs. Our color formulations are versatile, easy-to-use, and cost effective.

What Makes Us Different

We’re a global color house backed by science, fueled by innovation–and derived from the richness of whole foods. Our full palette and deep know how fueled by global technical expertise make working with natural colors trouble free whether you’re switching from artificial or other natural colorants –in nearly every market sector.

Why DuPont Nutrition & Health Natural Colors?

By harnessing the beauty and healthfulness of nature, we’re able to create a wide range of colors as strong and striking as their sources—and new additions are always in the works.

Color variety and integrity

Our coloring tools hit almost every hue in the spectrum, aligning perfectly with popular flavor selections without affecting texture or taste. We derive our colors from a wide range of high-quality, globally diverse sources, delivering reliable, consistent ingredients backed by DuPont Nutrition & Health corporate sustainability programs.

Close customer collaboration

Our collaborative approach allows us to deliver customized solutions that meet customers’ unique needs and challenges while upholding the highest standards of safety, efficacy and value.

Dedicated global expertise

We’ve got regional blending centers located all around the world, each staffed with expert color and texture specialists for convenient and tailored solutions no matter your locale.

Optimized performance

With a range of source options for similar colors, our scientists will work to find you the optimal cost solution for any color choice by factoring in your desired shade and your forecasted budget.