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Pectin provides gelation, viscosity, texture and protein stability for a number of food applications.

DuPont has an extensive understanding of the unique functionality of pectin. Through careful selection of raw materials and process conditions, speciality pectins are designed for a variety of applications.

Key benefits

  • Consumer friendly
  • Value added
  • Accelerated development
  • Process flexible
  • Reduces rework
  • Simplify
Product Benefit Application
GRINDSTED® PECTIN AMD Prevents protein sedimentation and whey off
Controls viscosity and builds texture
Replaces texture when milk solids, fat and/or sugar are reduced
Prevents protein sedimentation and whey off
Controls viscosity and builds texture
Replaces texture when milk solids, fat and/or sugar are reduced
GRINDSTED® PECTIN SF and SF EXTRA Provides a gel network from firm to soft and spreadable
Specialty types designed to perform across a variety of soluble solids, pH levels, fruit types and filling temperatures
Jam, jellies, fruit spreads
GRINDSTEED® PECTIN YF Thixotropic flow property that quickly regains viscosity
Creates a gel with yield value to suspend fruit pieces throughout the tote
Works over a broad formulation range
Yogurt, fruit preparations

Uniform gelling provides a clean-cut and shiny appearanceLow setting temperature broadens the processing tolerance
High re-melt temperature improves tolerance to manufacturing, transport and consumption in warm climates

Sugar confectionery, fruit roll-ups, jellies and chews
GRINDSTED® PECTIN SY Builds body and viscosity for a smooth texture and shiny appearance
Maintains texture throughout shelf life and prevents syneresis
Replaces texture and reduces cost in reduced milk solids formulations
Culture dairy, yogurt
GRINDSTED® PECTIN PRIME Multipurpose pectin that works over a wide variety of applications
Allows versatility for easy line extension development
Accelerates the development cycle
Reduces inventory
Fruit spreads, fruit preparations, bakery fillings, glazes, sauces, toppings, ripples, compotes
GRINDSTED® PECTIN ASD Pectin stabilizes individual soy proteins to prevent acid-induced aggregation
Pectin keeps acidified soy protein in a stable suspension
Provides a smooth texture
Low pH soy juice drinks
GRINDSTED®  PECTIN WAVE Builds viscosity and mouthfeel
Aids in pulp suspension
Replaces the texture lost when reducing sugar or fruit juice
Beverages, nectars, juice drinks, carbonates
GRINDSTED® PECTIN FB Provides form and bake stability
Creates uniform fillings with an appealing shiny appearance
Produces a smooth, pumpable texture for easy handling
Bakery fillings

Creates shiny, fast-setting glazes
Highly transparent
Excellent, cutable texture

GRINDSTED® PECTIN POWERFREEZE Reduces ice crystal formation to improve freeze thaw stability
Improved volume
Improved dough handling and extensibility
Frozen dough
GRINDSTED® PECTIN USP Meets the monograph of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutritional supplements

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