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PinVita™ Phytosterols

PinVita™ Phytosterols are derived from a natural, sustainable pine source and are one of the most effective ways to reduce cholesterol levels through dietary solutions.

The DuPont™ Danisco® phytosterols are easy to formulate, suitable for many applications, and provide potential access to a supported cardiovascular health claim.

Nature’s way to cardiovascular health

Dietary intake of PinVita™ is an effective way to reduce cholesterol levels, contributing to cardiovascular health.

PinVita™ Phytosterols (also known as plant sterols) are derived from a natural sustainable pine source, and are available in both free and esterified forms.  They are from a non-allergen and non-GMO source.

PinVita™ Phytosterols are easy to formulate and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including dietary supplements, fats & oils, dairy, cereals & bars and bakery products. They are the purest form of phytosterols, and have limited impact on the flavour, texture or appearance of food and beverages.

Product Key benefits Applications
PinVita™ FSP (free sterol prills) Approved health claims in US and EU Dietary supplements (2-piece hard shell capsules and tablets), bakery
PinVita™ FSF (free sterol fines) An effective cholesterol-lowering ingredient Dietary supplements (2-piece hard shell capsules and tablets), bakery and cereal bars
PinVita™ ES (esterified sterols) Sustainable pine source and available in GMO-free form Dietary supplements, oils

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