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HOWARU® Protect EarlyLife

During pregnancy, a mother’s nutrition is crucial for the development of child. Healthy maternal nutrition has been shown to have a positive influence on an infant’s microbiota and immune health. Balanced development of the immune system is associated with life-long health. However, the disruption of the development of the microbiota and immunity during this critical period has been linked with the development of allergies and eczema.  The prevalence of eczema and allergies is increasing world-wide.

HOWARU® Protect EarlyLife contains the probiotic strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001™ and is designed specifically for pregnant women and children (0 to 2 years). It has demonstrated a significant protective effect observed during first two years of life, a prolonged effect over six years and a unique long-term benefit promoting balanced immune health.

  • Supports unborn child/infant’s developing immune system during pregnancy
  • Proven as safe for mothers and infants (GRAS)
  • Available as ready-to-market products or in concentrate form
  • Clear, long-term clinical evidence

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