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Pea Protein

The growing awareness of the health benefits and sustainability of plant-based proteins is heavily influencing consumer food choices. The rising vegetarian population and flexitarian movement, combined with the overall demand for protein recognized as essential for growth and good health, has led to an explosion in plant-based protein innovation.

Pea protein, extracted from dried and ground yellow split peas, is a popular choice today as it lies at the intersection of today’s developments – demand for protein, desire for plant-based alternatives, and the clean label trend. Pea proteins have emerged as a popular substitute or complement to other protein and non-protein ingredients.

Pea protein can be used in a wide range of applications such as snacks, beverages, meat alternatives, dairy and milk alternatives, and nutritional supplements.

Food and beverage brands are challenged to drive differentiation, while also creating a superior sensory experience, with a need to deliver a consistent brand experience. DuPont Nutrition & Health brings decades of market leadership, capabilities and expertise to help you navigate the plant-based protein landscape. Our global leadership in plant proteins, complementary ingredient portfolio, and in-depth formulation, sensory, and nutrition expertise give us the unique tools and capability to help you formulate better-tasting products.