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ENHANCE® Soy Lecithin Powder

ENHANCE® soy lecithin fluid and soy lecithin powders provide unique nutritional and functional applications in a variety of pet foods, companion animal foods, calf milk replacers, aquaculture diets and diets for production animals. 

Key nutritional benefits

  • Maintains digestion
  • Maintains skin and coat
  • Supports growth

Key functional benefits

  • Improves lubricity, extrusion productions rate and dough properties
  • Speeds mixing time
  • Reduces extrusion energy costs, fat capping and crystallization in cans, and brittleness, fracturing and breakage of baked treats and foods
  • Distributes fat, forms emulsions
  • Maintains homogeneity during canned food slurry pumping
  • Keeps gravies consistent and sauces smooth and consistent
  • Prolongs freshness

Application areas

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