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CENTEX® Textured Soy Flour

The CENTEX® brand offers a broad range of textured soy flour for use in ground meats, sausages and vegetarian products. Our textured soy flours come in a variety of particle sizes suitable for applications where flavor is not critical, offering an affordable source of water binding. 

Additionally,  CENTEX® textured soy flours may be available in Identity Preserved (Externally Verified) and Standard (using biotechnology) versions.

Key benefits

  • Range of soy flour particle textures
  • Affordable source of protein
  • Can reduce cook loss in formed meat products
  • Reduces directional shrinkage in patties upon cooking
Product Benefit Application
CENTEX® 4020 Fine powder
Good water absorption
Improved forming
Emulsified meats
CENTEX® 4050 1-2 mm uncolored granule Patties, meatballs, etc.
CENTEX® 4060 5-7 mm uncolored granule Patties, meatballs, etc.
CENTEX® 4061 5-7 mm caramel colored granule Patties, meatballs, etc.
CENTEX® 4130 ~4 mm crumble Patties, meatballs, etc.
CENTEX® 4180 ~19 mm uncolored chunk Snack products
CENTEX® 4186 17-21 mm uncolored chunk Meat-free
Ground meats

Application areas

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