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NURISH® Powdered Soy Protein Isolate

NURISH®, powdered soy protein isolate, offers a highly functional, digestible protein/amino acid source for companion animal foods (e.g. dogs, cats, laboratory animals), calf milk replacers and piglet diets. NURISH® is produced using a proprietary enzymatic protein hydrolysis technology. This dry powder, partially hydrolyzed protein is especially suited for liquid and dry food applications where low antigenicity, easy digestibility and high performance are required. NURISH® is also used in milk replacers that require rapid dispersibility and high suspension during reconstitution.

Key benefits

  • Highly digestible
  • Low antigenicity
  • High solubility 
  • High density source of balanced protein and amino acids
Product Benefit Application
NURISH® 1510 Powdered soy protein isolate Companion animal food
Calf milk replacers
Veal food
Liquid diets

Application areas

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