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PROPLUS® Vegetable Protein

The PROPLUS® offers a vegetable protein product that provides texture and emulsion stability to a variety of meat systems as well as a highly functional isolated soy vegetable protein for use in premium-positioned, whole muscle and ground meat products. Our soy vegetable protein products allow processors to increase yields and reduce fat and calories while maintaining traditional finished product quality. 

Key benefits

  • Good source of high quality protein
  • Vitamin and mineral fortified
  • Range of functionalities
Product Benefit Application
PROPLUS® 500 F Vitamin & mineral fortified
Good gelling protein
High viscosity & solubility
Firm finished product texture
Hydrates rapidly
Forms heat-stable emulsions
Formed patties/nuggets
Emulsified meats, such as hotdogs and bologna
PROPLUS® 520 F Vitamin & mineral fortified
Dispersible protein suitable for use in brines and ground meats
Designed to improve cook yields and succulence
Whole muscle products
Formed patties & nuggets

Application areas

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