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Protein Optimization

Consumers of all types recognize the benefits of protein in their diets and many are looking to incorporate more protein into their diets.  However, formulation of high protein foods and beverages is no easy task – cost, performance and nutrition are all important considerations when choosing protein ingredients.

For over 50 years, we have been helping food companies around the globe optimize their protein purchases. Proteins, particularly dairy proteins, can be expensive, and historically have exhibited pricing and supply volatility. Food manufacturers overly reliant on dairy proteins often find their product margins erode and costs fluctuate overtime.

The below chart illustrates the price volatility of commonly used dairy proteins relative to soy protein. Since 2007, pricing of dairy proteins have fluctuated widely, with soy protein exhibiting a strong economic advantage over time.

Our team can help you optimize your protein strategy by replacing expensive and volatile dairy proteins with our SUPRO® soy protein isolates. By diversifying your protein purchases to incorporate soy protein, you can better predict your profitability overtime, while maintaining or improving product quality and nutrition.

Advantages of SUPRO® soy proteins as an alternative to dairy proteins:

  • Price and supply stability reduces the risk volatility associated with other proteins
  • Ingredient cost savings creates better value on a protein basis
  • Proven performance and flavor improvement across a variety of foods and beverages
  • Nutritionally complete and equivalent to dairy  proteins
  • As a plant-based protein, offers a lower carbon footprint versus animal proteins

You can depend on our broad knowledge to reduce your reliance on commodity dairy proteins.  DuPont Nutrition & Health brings extensive experience and expertise in helping food manufacturers optimize their formulas using our soy protein ingredients. Whether you are creating a new product or reformulate an existing one, we can help you identify a protein matrix that meets your consumer’s sensory expectations while achieving your cost targets and marketing objectives.  

Additionally, through close collaboration with our customers, we bring marketing insights, new ideas for your brands, and deep technical & production support.  With more than twenty research & innovation centers around world, we are able to give customers technical support that meets local needs while reflecting global trends and developments.

Contact us today to learn how we can help:

  • Choose the optimal protein ingredients for a specific formulation
  • Optimize for flavor and functionality
  • Meet targeted claims
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