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SUPRO® PLUS Dry Blended Soy Beverages

The SUPRO® PLUS product family offers dry blended soy beverages for a turn-key solution for companies, while meeting the nutritional needs of children, adults and seniors.

This line of products is positioned for two different market segments: 1). As a soy/whey blend alternative to whole-milk or skim-milk powder with the additional benefits of fortified essential vitamins and minerals; 2). As a high quality, 100% soy-based nutritional soy beverage ingredient that can be used or blended with flavors or other ingredients to make a great tasting powdered beverage or nutritional soy beverages for lactose-intolerant consumers.

Additionally, the SUPRO® PLUS line offers products that are  highly dispersible and easy to hydrate, yielding a soy beverage with a smooth mouth feel and creamy texture.

Key benefits

  • Functional performance
  • Convenient and easy to mix
  • Economic benefits relative to other high quality proteins
  • A healthy choice for: growth and development, healthy aging, lactose intolerance or digestive health concerns
  • Taste
Product Benefit Application
SUPRO® PLUS 2640 DS Maximize macronutrient content with lower costs Healthy, flavored soy beverages and nutritional drinks for the entire family
SUPRO® PLUS 2640 DS IP Delivers nutrition through identity-preserved soy while providing great taste and proven health benefits Dry blended powdered soy beverages and nutritional drinks for overall health and wellness
SUPRO® PLUS LF Milk alternative endorsed by medical associations. Ideal for consumers desiring very low lactose levels. Growing –up formula for children
Healthy soy beverages for seniors
SUPRO® PLUS LF IP Identity-preserved soy powdered nutritional drink with miniscule lactose. Nutritional soy beverages for children & seniors
Nutritional soy beverages for weight management & sports nutrition

Application areas

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